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Scholarships are more important than ever today. Recruiting the best athletes for athletic teams depends upon scholarship funding to enhance the outstanding academic and competitive experiences offered for students who choose Stan State. Proceeds for ticket sales to games and meets are not available due to the pandemic. Your help is needed today to create scholarship opportunities for students who will be the quality workforce of tomorrow. 

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Department of Intercollegiate Athletics

Vision & Mission Statements


Provide a championship-caliber environment for student-athletes. 


The Department of Athletics is committed to creating an environment where individuals and teams reach their full potential and become a source of University and community pride. The Department motivates behavior that fosters academic achievement, self-discipline, group loyalty, sportsmanship and personal integrity, hard work, perseverance and pride of accomplishment. We believe these qualities lead to the attainment of skills necessary for success in academics, athletics and most importantly life-long learning. 

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